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Now Wait Just A Minute, A Rugs a Rug, Right…?

So what's a Capel, Flokati, Nourison or Momeni Rug?

Why are rugs made from so many different materials, like Seagrass, Sisal and Jute, and what's the difference?

Where can you get a custom rug, a cowhide rug or a zebra rug?

Suddenly it's not seeming quite so easy to just pop out and buy a rug, right? :)

That's what we're here for, to help you through the whole furry floor covering fiasco to make sure you end up with just the right item to complement your decor, not give you a headache..

So Just How Can You Decide Upon the Perfect RugMate for Your Home?

Quality: Well it's not too difficult to work out that thicker tends to mean better quality, as does the use of natural materials rather than synthetic, and hand made is certainly more valuable than machine made, but that does tend to equate to a significant price difference, time being money and all that..

Material: Choice of material often comes down to a simple and practical decision based mostly on where the rug is to be placed, for instance is it in a "high traffic" area like a hallway, in which case you're probably better off with a synthetic or hard wearing natural material.

On the other hand if it's going to take ride of place on in your living area and not get troden on by dirty boots, then a better quality is robably what you're looking for, so think about where you want your "rugmate" to go first.

Where to buy - of course, once you've become "Rugucated", you are in a position of power. You can make smarter decisions about exactly which rug you want, which puts you in the enviable position of being bale to save a bunch of money by purchasing your rug at a discount rate online..

You see, there was a point to all this "rugucation".

Now Where's Best to Go Find Your Perfect Rug?

Well the best thing to do is sign up for our bulletin below, as we use this to keep people up to date with the latest bargains, deals and offers from the top rug suppliers on the net.

We'll also rush you a copy of our top tips for caring for your prize rug once you've chosen the right one, just to make sure it remains you're prized "rugmate" for years to come.

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